290 – “Ağaca balta vurmuşlar ‘sapı bedenimden’ demiş.”

“As the axe hit the tree, it said ‘the handle is from me.'”

–Turkish Proverb

Quote Number:  991

Source: Attributed

Previous Quote and Translation:
“Balta ormanın içine girdiğinde, birçok ağaç ‘en azından sap bizden biri’ dedi.”
“When the axe came into the woods, many trees said, ‘at least the handle is one of us.'”

Source Notes: If you know a source for this quote please leave a comment, thank you! This proverb was translated into Turkish with Google Translate, if there are errors I apologize and ask that you leave corrections in the comments.

Also, I am recording all proverbs as attributed because there is little record of the origin of nearly all proverbs, and many of the ideas and concepts from proverbs are found in similar sayings in other languages and cultural traditions.



  1. This is not a bad translation, but it’s the literal one and doesn’t quite work in Turkish. What I could find when searching for the original Turkish phrasing is this: “Ağaca balta vurmuşlar ‘sapı bedenimden’ demiş.”

    The translation of the original Turkish is along the lines of “As the axe hit the tree, it said ‘the handle is from me’.” I couldn’t find anything in the “atasözü” that directly matched what you had, although it obviously has a similar meaning 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I have switched out the version I found and translated for the ones you provided, as it actually appears to be used. I originally found the quote in English (which was probably translated in like the 19th century), and then used Google Translate to translate it back into Turkish, which since Google Translate only understands the definition of words, not the meaning or how people use them, I could only get out the literal translation. Thank you again!


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