501 – “No astrologer lacking a criminal record possess any talent.”

–Juvenal [See Source Note for translation information]

Quote Number:  437

Source: Juvenal. “Satire VI.” in Satires. Note that this specific translation appears in García, Paloma Ortiz. “Written in the Stars: Astrology in the Ancient World.” in National Geographic History. September/October 2016. Pg 46.

Source Notes: While I have found this quote in Latin, it translates differently than the above quote. In addition, alternative translations are noticeably different from this quote. Below, I have included a Latin version of the quote (although it contains a longer section of text than the above quote), and two different English translations:

“Inde fides artis, sonuit si dextera ferro laeuaque, si longe castrorum in carcere mansit.
nemo mathematicus genium indemnatus habebit, sed qui paene perit, cui uix in Cyclada mitti contigit et parua tandem caruisse Seripho. Online Here

“No astrologer that has never been condemned will have any reputation for genius.” Online Here

“For nowadays no astrologer has credit unless he have been imprisoned in some distant camp, with chains clanking on either arm; none believe in his powers unless he has been condemned and all but put to death.” Online Here


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