745 – “ना जक्का वासलो होति न जक्का होति ब्रह्मो, कम्मना वसालो होति कम्मना होति ब्राह्मो। “

“Na jaccā vasalo hoti na jaccā hoti brāhmaṇo, Kammanā vasalo hoti kammanā hoti brāhmaṇo.”

“Not by birth does one become an outcast, not by birth does one become a brahmin. By one’s action one becomes an outcast, by one’s action one becomes a brahmin.”

–Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha

Quote Number:  784

Source: Sutta Nipata. “Vasala Sutta.” Sn 136.
Pali text Online Here.
A different older English translation is Online Here. Swámy, M Coomára. Sutta Nipáta or Dialogues and Discourses of Gotama Buddha. Trübner & Co: London. 1874. Pg 36.

Source Notes: The Latinized Pali translation comes from the source above, however the Devanagari text was generated using Google Translate, translating the Latinized Pali from English into Hindi, so it may not be perfect.

Quote Number: 


Source Notes: 


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