747 – “Vim coeli reserate viri: venit agnita ad usus: Ignotae videas commoda nulla rei.”

“Discover the force of the heavens O Men: Once recognized it can be put to use: No use could be seen in unknown things.”

–Johannes Kepler

Quote Number:  570

Source: Kepler, Johannes. De fundamentis astrologiae certioribus [On the more Certain Fundamentals of Astrology or On Giving Astrology Sounder Foundations]” (written 1601; published 1602) in Opera Omnia, Vol. 1, Heyder & Zimmer, 1858, p. 417 (title-page). Online Here.

Source Notes: The translation was provided along with the original quote, and I do not know where it came from, nor can I confirm it is an accurate translation. If you have insight into this please leave a comment, thank you!


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