803 – “Nescire autem quid ante quam natus sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum. Quid enim est aetas hominis, nisi ea memoria rerum veterum cum superiorum aetate contexitur?”

“Not to know what happened before you were born is to be a child forever. For what is the time of a man except it be interwoven with that memory of ancient things of a superior age?”


Quote Number:  461

Source: Cicero, Marcus Tillius. Orator Ad M. Brutum [About the Orator, also dedicated to Brutus]. 46 BC. Chapter 34, section 120. In M. Tulli Ciceronis Ad M. Brutum Orator. John Edwin Sandys, Translator. Cambridge University Press: Camebridge. 1885. Pg 125. Online Here.

Source Notes: 


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