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1125 – “Stability depends on superior and inferior communicating; there is none when they do not. From ancient times, many a state has fallen because a ruler did not know the affairs of the people.”

-Yongle Emperor Zhu Di


Taking a Break!

Hello, after several years I have finally reduced the backlog of quotes I had down to zero, so I have decided that I am going to take a break from posting new quotes. Together we have reached 1124 unique quotes, with a handful of nearly identical double quotes. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and in the future I hope to again begin posting quotes.
For the time being I may go back through an clean up some things, like misspelled tags, convert dubious attributions to anonymous quotes, etc. Thank you for following 1000 Quotes and, hopefully, I will begin posting again soon.

1123 – “I’m just so proud of all of you who have grown up with us, and I know how tough it is some days to look with hope and confidence on the months and years ahead. But I would like to tell you what I often told you when you were much younger. I like you just the way you are.”

-Mister Rodgers


1122 – Walt Whitman on the Greatest Country

“The greatest country, the richest country, is not that which has the most capitalists, monopolists, immense grabbings, vast fortunes, with its sad, sad soil of extreme, degrading, damning poverty, but the land in which there are the most homesteads, freeholds – where wealth does not show such contrasts high and low, where all men have enough – a modest living – and no man is made possessor beyond the sane and beautiful necessities.”

-Walt Whitman