I began this project as a project of healing. I had been collecting quotes for a while and I felt like it might be fun to share them. With the results of the election and his celebration of ignorance, deceit, and lies, I hope that readers will find hope and inspiration in these quotes, while at the same time I work very hard to verify their truth and accuracy. My other site can be found here it is even more abandon then this one, but it has things about news and opinions, with some things on riddles, politics, food, and such.

Note: I have done my best to not collect fake quotes, however, some may slip through. I will try to check the authenticity of each and every quote, but some are hard to find a source for. I may include quotes that I know are of dubious origin that I feel, regardless of whether said by the speaker or not, have an important idea or message to convey. Such quotes will be clearly marked with [DUBIOUS ORIGIN] or something to that effect.

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