835 – “[A good teacher] brings knowledge and his pupil into a vital relationship; and the object of teaching is to establish that relationship on an intelligible basis. This can only be done … by appealing to two qualities which are at the bottom of all knowledge, curiosity and observation. They are born with us, every child naturally develops them, and it is the duty of the teacher to direct them to proper ends.”

–Mandell Creighton [See Source for full Context]

It is National Teachers Day, so thank an educator!

Quote Number:  100

Source: Creighton, Mandell. “The Art of Teaching.” Address to The Guild of St Edmund’s. Sion College, London, United Kingdom. October 13, 1898. In Thoughts on Education: Speeches and Sermons. Louise Creighton, Editor. Longmans, Green, and Co: London. 1902. Pg 78. Online Here.

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